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Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day

Hello again everyone! In honor of Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day this month, this weeks blog will be focused around Military wraps and graphics. A little history on Armed Forces Day: The day was created in 1949 to honor Americans serving in the five U.S....

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Vehicle Wraps: In the Movies!

Vehicle Wraps: In the movies! Are you still not convinced that getting a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics won’t grab attention to your company/business? Well, let me remind you for a second that there are some famous vehicles that certainly wouldn’t be the same...

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The top 3 things to wrap to go with your vehicle!

Hello again, Everyone! Thank you for coming back to both our website and our blog! Our last few blog entries were vehicle wrap specific but this time I think we’ll take this opportunity to think outside the box. Ready for this scenario?: Imagine that you just got...

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Attracting Attention: Part 2!

Ready for Part Two!? Looking for ways to advertise AND attract attention? Vehicle Wraps are a great way to do just that! Did you know that, according to a study published by Cox Communications/Eagle Research, Car wraps and television ads were viewed as the two most...

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Part 1: Learn to speak the language of Color:

So, you’ve chosen to advertise using vehicle wraps? Good Choice! Now that you have a great way to advertise, you’d like to stand out and be seen the best way you can, right? Here at Ads On Wheels, Inc, we offer free unlimited professional design work to get you on...

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Vehicle Wrap Ideas: Displaying QR Codes

If you’re looking at this blog, then I’m sure you’re interested in finding a new, flashy, cutting-edge way to advertise! But how do you stand out in the crowd that’s full of billboards and neon lights? Easy! Make your wrap unique and true to your business. Here are...

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Wrap your Vehicle and Give your Business a Boost!

March Madness is in full bloom and as you probably know, businesses of all sizes today are looking for ways to advertise. Everyday we speak with lots of business owners and advertising agencies who have an interest in wrapping their vehicles to do just...

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