The top 3 things to wrap to go with your vehicle!

Hello again, Everyone!

Thank you for coming back to both our website and our blog! Our last few blog entries were vehicle wrap specific but this time I think we’ll take this opportunity to think outside the box. Ready for this scenario?: Imagine that you just got your vehicle wrapped and you’re THRILLED by the response that your business has received so far. You want to go even further in advertising, catch more people’s eyes and grab more attention…but what

Well, here are the top 3 things to wrap to go with your vehicle!

1.)    Boats
Plenty of fishing tournaments happen every day (sometimes even year round depending on where you are! Why not take full advantage of the amount of exposure you could receive at one of those tournaments! Can’t afford the wrap at the moment? Why not see if someone will sponsor you? Just like exclusively using a companies gear, apparel and products, why not see if you can put their logo on your boat and have them pay YOU for the advertising space! The one thing customers tell me all the time about getting their boats wrapped is that its like getting a new boat every time its wrapped. A new look could mean new people to grab attention from,

2.)    Walls
Walking into a museum should be the only place you see fun and interactive graphics! You could take your company to a whole new level by engaging your clients with a personal experience and look into your business. Just like at museums, why not show a timeline of your companies history? Or a diagram that shows all your facility locations and where they’re located in the country? Both are great ways to involve your clients with your business on a personal level. Even if you don’t have walk in customers on a daily basis, why not put up a wall graphic for your employees to get excited about. Wall graphics for conference rooms for big events, like company picnics or safety seminars are the perfect way to grab attention.

3.)    Buildings
Ideally, who wouldn’t want to be seen from miles and miles away? People who want to make a big statement will do it in a BIG way! We recently had Bud Light for a client and they wanted to wrap a hotel. Not a wall, not a banner, the whole hotel in hopes to grab major attention during the Super Bowl. We wrapped the windows in a perforated vinyl and the frame of the building in a regular adhesive vinyl. It made a BIG statement! If you can’t go that above and beyond but still want to attract some big attention, why not put a giant banner over your building! It can still be printed bigger than a billboard but its also wind and water resistant. The best part about a banner is that when your done advertising with it, roll it up and take it with you!

We hope that helps you think outside the box and go above and beyond! And, with over 500 qualified installers throughout the U.S. and Canada and with a strong network of global partners, Ads On Wheels, Inc.® has the ability to efficiently deliver architectural graphics projects on a local, national and global scale.

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