The Process

Our Process: Start to Finish

Welcome to the easiest and most professional wrap experience in the industry. Below you will find the details of the Ads On Wheels, Inc. vehicle wrap experience. We look forward to creating the most pleasurable experience for your vehicle wrap investment!


Once your deposit is received, you will be assigned to one of our professional in-house designers. Your designer will help you gather any logos, images, & any ideas that you might have for the design of your wrap. Once you have provided your designer with the necessary items that we have mentioned. He or she will produce a layout or mockup for your review. Typically most customers will receive an initial mockup in the first 24 hours from the time that their deposit is received.

The design process is performed through a sequence of emails and phone exchanges. You simply exchange ideas and changes with your designated. Once the new ideas or changes have been communicated, our designers will revisit your design mockup, to make any changes necessary so they can send you another layout for you to review.

At Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® we DO NOT have a design “time limit.” We work with every customer until they are satisfied with their design. This sets us apart from ALL other design and print companies!

Our ultimate goal as designers is to produce a wrap that has a clear and concise message but is also very eye-catching and grabs the attention of prospective clients everywhere you go.


No problem. Our experienced design staff will help you get your designs into production, ready for print, with high placement accuracy and turnaround time.


Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® ONLY uses the highest quality material available for your vehicle wrap. We produce our wraps using the 3M® IJ-180C with a component matching 3M® hard high gloss laminate 3M® 8518. These materials include an extensive warranty, which covers premature fading, unnecessary pealing and other forms of material breakdown (warranty information can be viewed here). Once printed we coat the material with a UV protective hard, high gloss laminate, which both, protects it from the rays of the sun, heat and gives the print a nice glossy finish. We are a 3M® MCS® Warranty printing facility.


Upon approval of final design layout, Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® will create and size the digital print
files at high resolution. This process takes approximately 5 working days.

Production of vehicle wrap graphics takes place once the print files have been created and completed. Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® will then begin the printing, packaging, and shipping the graphics to the vehicle or installation location. This process takes approximately 5-7 working days.

Please note: Once the final design layout has approved and print files have been created, any revisions or changes to the layout options would incur additional art and print charges. In agreement of these terms and conditions, cancellation of this job will result in payment of all art design layout fees as well as any materials that have been printed.


Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® does provide color print samples. If you are trying to match certain PMS or CMYK colors you can request a color proof sample to be shipped to you for approval. The cost of color prints is $20 per square foot (shipping included).


Your vehicle(s) graphics will be shipped via FedEx® or UPS® to the address provide or to a designated installer. Once the receiver of the graphics confirms that the graphics have been received, Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® will call to schedule an appointment to have a certified, professionally trained applicator apply your vehicle wrap. All formal quotes include free ground shipping unless otherwise requested. Rush shipping may incur additional charges. Please note: If rush production is needed, please discuss with your Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® representative. Please make your sales representative aware of ANY time constraints for your project PRIOR to project commencement. Project deadlines MUST be made clear through email or written documentation.


It is vital to the success of the vehicle wrap that the following preparation procedures of the vehicle(s) take place.

A. Thoroughly clean the vehicle(s) ensuring there is NO oxidation, dirt, rust, or any other particles that would interfere with the adherence of the graphic material.

B. Ensure that the vehicle(s) are COMPLETELY dry prior to the scheduled application. Pay special attention to all rubber moldings, hinges, and any other places where water can settle.

C. Make sure the vehicle(s) are available at the arranged time and remain available until the completion of the wrap.

NOTE!: Please be sure that your vehicle is clean, dry, and free of any wax at the time of your graphics installation. Having a dirty or waxed vehicle will prohibit the adhesive material of the wrap from adhering properly to the surface of your vehicle and drastically shorten the life of your wrap, extend the installation time, as well as result in additional cleaning charges.


Once you or the installer have confirmed that the graphics have been received, Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® will call to schedule an appointment to have a certified, professionally trained applicator apply your vehicle wrap. The application will take place at the designated installation location. If you do not have a suitable installation facility we will locate our nearest installation location and supply this for you.


In order to install your graphics on-site, the installer will need an enclosed garage or warehouse to work in. If you are having installation at a facility that you will be providing, please note that a minimum 4 feet clearance around the vehicle will be required. The facility will also be required to be well lit and be in the temperature range for a proper installation. 60 degrees – 80 degrees F. The facility will also need to be clean and free of dust, grease, and dirt. (Open ports or outdoor facilities may be acceptable, dependent on weather and wind conditions. As a general rule outdoor applications are not acceptable for installations that carry a warranty. Clearly identify your conditions at time of installation scheduling).


The vehicle wrap application process typically takes a full day (per vehicle; averaged sized SUV or car) to complete. The amount of time to physically install the graphics may differ depending on size and complexity of vehicle.


To begin work on your project a deposit will be required (Ask your Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® sales representative for details). This deposit can be made with a credit card or check. You will find the credit card authorization attached to your formal quote. Balance for the project will be required before printing. Remaining balances are to be paid via check. If a credit card balance payment is needed, please contact your sales representative and he/she will provide you with the necessary forms and any additional charges.