Why Use Ads on Wheels®

Why use Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® vs. the sign shop down the street?

Good question. We have some answers.

For starters, this is all we do. Offering full wrap services from design to printing, is a very specialized business. Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® has almost two decades of experience with vehicle wraps and graphics. We have designed, printed, and installed graphics on literally thousands of vehicles, throughout the United States and Canada. A local sign shop, while great for banners, business cards, and bumper stickers, doesn’t have the experience of doing vehicle wraps, day in and day out. We often speak to customers about experiences they have had with local sign shops. Many tell us about local sign shops not being able to provide quality materials, specialized installation, or timely and professional design and mockup services. Often times we here from custom who have had to wait weeks for a few design mockups, of a less than compelling wrap.

As a matter of fact, we not only offer wraps for business owners direct, we also provide our printing services to sign shops across the country as well. When you use Ads On Wheels, Inc. ® you are getting full design, guaranteed quality material (which we specify on all of our projects), and experienced wrap installers. We make sure that every local installer we use has been installing wraps for years.

We constantly maintain relationships with only the most experienced and successful installers in the business. Unlike other sign shops, we specialize exclusively in vehicle wraps. and that focus and experience is required of all of our installers. A smaller, local sign shop may do a couple of car wraps every month. Unfortunately, intermittent installations don’t provide your average sign shop with the specialized skillset and knowledge required to perform a quality wrap installation. The local shop is typically less experienced with the design, production, and installation of full wraps. We put our years of vehicle wrap knowledge and experience to work for you, ensuring the best possible advertising for your product or service.

We have found that the quality, fit, and finish of vehicle wraps done at local sign shops, just doesn’t match up to the investment that business owners make in their vehicle wrap.

We are trusted by many Fortune 100 companies and national franchise systems for their fleet and vehicle graphics. Let us show you the difference that our experience makes.