Attracting Attention: Part 2!

Ready for Part Two!?

Looking for ways to advertise AND attract attention? Vehicle Wraps are a great way to do just that!

Did you know that, according to a study published by Cox Communications/Eagle Research, Car wraps and television ads were viewed as the two most memorable advertising mediums? That’s pretty impressive! But what’s even more impressive is that they don’t come with same price tag!

Be Memorable! Start by using this example: You’re driving to work every day. On your hour commute you pass by the same flashy, eye-catching vehicle that’s advertising its plumbing services. It’s become a habit of noticing this vehicle driving around. Two months later, your pipes burst and you have water damage in your home. You need a plumber and the only one you can think of is the company with the eye-catching vehicle wraps! This is a very effective way to gain business. Although people might not be calling you right away, chances are that you’ve made your impression for the future.

Brand yourself! You need to create something that potential customers think of when they think about you and your business. You need to brand yourself in a way that gets your audience to associate your name with what you do. It can be anything: A tag-line, a color combination, a eye-catching logo! The important thing is that it’s interesting to the people you want to remember you.

Speaking of logos, did you know that we design those as well? Yes! Ads on Wheels will brand you with a logo design fit for your company and industry. So what makes a good logo?

According to justcreative, a good logo is just this:

Simple: A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile & memorable. Good logos feature something unique without being overdrawn. Less is always more!

Memorable: Following closely behind the principle of simplicity, is that of memorability. An effective logo design should be memorable. (This goes along with what we spoke about above!)

Timeless:  Will the logo still be effective in 10, 20, 50 years?

Versatile: An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. Can it go on everything from a T-shirt to a Vehicle wrap? The logo should be functional. For this reason a logo should be designed in vector format, to ensure that it can be scaled to any size. The logo should also be able to work both in horizontal and vertical formats. And

Appropriate: How you position the logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose. For example, if you are designing a logo for children’s toys store, it would be appropriate to use a childish font & colour scheme. This would not be so appropriate for a law firm.

With this in mind, your designer will be able to brand you in a way that accents both your business as well as your personality! Call us for a free quote or go to our website to inquire on our form!

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