Word of Mouth!

Hello again everyone! I wanted to talk about a different kind of advertising this week that works well for all types of businesses: Word of mouth.

This week I had the absolute pleasure of working with a woman named Sherry. She, like many before her, wanted to find that special way of advertising that would put her above her competition. Sherry called us from Canada looking to get her car wrapped.. but not just any car… Sherry recently purchased an ambulance! What better way to advertise than with a head turning car with a head turning ad!

In Canada, Sherry sells outdoor equipment such as kayaks and snow shoes. She’s proud to say that, “Yes, it’s true. All of our canoes and kayaks are made at a factory which is located on the edge of the Bay of Quinte, near Picton, Ontario. We test paddle our boats right in front of our shop. Canada Made!”

That’s very impressive! Why not take such a wonderful company attribute and advertise it!  What’s even more impressive is how many people have already seen her wrapped ambulance! Her Facebook already has comments on it from people (and potential future customers!) saying they “love the new wheels!”

Not only that, but in 24 hours of posting Sherry’s wrapped ambulance, Ads on Wheels gained over 200 new likes on Facebook! Why is that awesome? Well, mostly because one of the most impressive forms of advertising is the kind money can not buy, and it’s called “word of mouth.”  It simply means your product or service impressed a customer so much they told their friends about your company, which almost always results in increased business.  And this works both ways. For example: If Sherry is driving around in her wrapped ambulance, she’s going to get some attention. People will then ask her where the can get an awesome wrap like hers. She will direct them to us and we will wrap that new customer’s car. Now while that is happening, We will post Sherry’s sharp-looking new wrap on our website, Facebook, and our blog. This will repay the favor for Sherry directing a friend to us because now she has a spot on our website, Facebook and Blog where she is indirectly advertising her company!

As you can see by that example, word of mouth doesn’t always have to be a slow way to build your business. It can be a rapid response too! While it’s important to get good reviews from your customers, most companies also need some form of broadcast advertising to boost sales and get the attention of their target audience. TV and radio ads have their place in the marketing world, but they are expensive and have a short shelf life.  However, vehicle wraps are affordable, captivating, and last about 8-9 years.

So, thanks to Sherry, we demonstrated how word of mouth can be beneficial, not only for us, but for the client as well.  Sherry, you were a pleasure to work with and I hope that you enjoy your wrap as much as we enjoyed working with you!

ambulance wrapped with vinyl graphics

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