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Top 3 Most Common Vehicles for Vinyl Graphics

We are often asked, “What vehicles do you wrap the most?” so we made a quick list of the most common fleet vehicles we wrap.

Advertisements know no bounds. Some are often even timeless. The varied methods of advertising have lured almost all business owners to invest money on ads and publicity. In an effort to stay current, advertising media like television, newspaper, and radio have been put on the back burner to accommodate for the busy lifestyle of the average consumer. Those common modes of advertisement were great when families would gather in the living room and watch their favorite show. But today, with everybody constantly on the move, your advertising dollars are being wasted if they’re wrapped up in the TV set. Today, marketers and advertisers who are successful go wherever their audience goes, which is what makes vehicle wraps such an attractive and cost effective advertising option!

This article is focused on the top 3 vehicles that will get you the most response. Here at Ads on Wheels, we get hundreds of phone calls for all sorts of different vehicles but these are the ones that people have been wrapping most. These are the cars that will make you stand out.

Ford Transit Connect:

Ford’s Transit Connect gives the driver or advertiser the option to have both a functional vehicle as well as a great way to advertise. With so many companies who bring all of their equipment with them on the job, why not advertise on your way there? The Ford Transit Connect has a unique shape that offers a lot of space for a designer to work with! We also offer a perforated material that lets the driver see outside the car but prevents the potential customer to not see in. Doing this is helping make the advertisement still visible but keeping the driver safe. Check out an example of this below! This car is sure to turn a few heads once it is wrapped!

ford transit connect with vehicle wrap for murphy usa

Smart Car-

It’s like an eye-catching double whammy! Smart cars are already really eye catching. People don’t see them often so people want to see up close how small these vehicles really are. That being said, there are a lot of cell phone pictures taken of this car type. Why not use that to your advantage and wrap one? Not only will it draw attention to your advertisements but you might find that people end up taking a few photos of your car as well! That’s a great way to stay in the back of someone’s mind!

smart car with vinyl graphics advertising state farm

Sprinter Vans – Sprinter Vans are a designers dream! This vehicle begs to be wrapped. With such a large canvas to work with, having to see them blank is a shame! Wrapping this car gives you the chance to not only have mobile advertising, but a billboard as well. If the business owner were to park the vehicle outside his business, you have an instant, eye-catching way to get people in the door and all you did was drive to work!

11 west developers wrapped van near waterfront

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