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The Top Businesses that Need Vehicle Wraps

Businesses that Benefit from 3M Vinyl Car Wraps

Top 8 businesses that gain the Most from Custom Car Wraps and Truck Wraps. Would your business benefit from car wraps for your company vehicles?

Every single day, throughout almost every city and town, fleets of service vehicles are busy driving to and from homes and businesses to provide essential services. These service professionals deliver critical work around the clock, from the plumbers who ensure our hot water flows to the roofing contractors who keep our homes free of leaks.

With the high amount of traveling that service professionals do, the backbone of their work is found in their service vehicles. The vehicles that carry workers to and from job sites are integral to their work.

These vehicles offer home service companies the opportunity to brand their business, get their name out into the community, and create instant recognizability of their company and employees.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top businesses that need vehicle wraps and why these businesses are investing in custom graphics and designs for their trucks, trailers, vans, and more.

Vehicle Wraps for HVAC Companies

Almost every HVAC company has at least a few vehicles in its fleet. Whether you are operating your own solo HVAC contractor gig or running a multi-city HVAC business, these work vehicles help ensure that HVAC technicians arrive safely and efficiently at job sites with the necessary tools, parts, and equipment.

Wrapping HVAC trucks and vans can help establish your brand. By adding your logo to the exterior of your HVAC truck or van, your customers will know the moment you arrive on site. This will also establish trust with your brand, as customers at home will know that your technicians are legitimate.

Additionally, HVAC companies can use car wraps to showcase phone numbers, hours of operation, and even services. Thus, investing in van wraps provides a wealth of opportunities for increasing future business.

Vehicle Wraps For Plumbing Companies

Plumbers sometimes have the most challenging jobs at all hours of the day or night. Yet, each day, they help ensure that our communities have safe, running water. This makes vehicle wraps a great way to ensure that customers know when your team arrives on site.

Additionally, as a plumber, using vehicle wraps to brand your pickup truck or van can help market your brand wherever the job takes you. You can use a truck wrap or van wrap to create a cohesive look and feel for your business. No matter who shows up to the next call, customers will recognize your fleet.

For plumbing companies that create a custom vehicle wrap, including a 24/7 phone number for those middle-of-the-night emergencies can be beneficial.

Vehicle Wraps for Handyman / Contractor Companies

Those who provide home services often perform many tasks for home and business owners. But, unfortunately, too often, these contractors never take the time to establish their brand and business image.

This is where car wraps can help. You can take your contracting business to the next level by creating a custom car wrap, trailer wrap, or truck wrap to showcase your brand and your business information. Far better than simply handing out flyers door to door, a vehicle wrap advertises for you anywhere you go. Whether you are currently responding to a job or are simply running errands, this can be a great way to establish your name in the community.

Vehicle Wraps for Roofing Companies

The roof on any home or business is critical to protecting its occupants, which is why keeping it in tip-top shape is a high priority. Roofing companies specialize in ensuring that the shingles above us continue to protect our heads in any element.

Most often, roofing companies employ a fleet of pickup trucks and trailers for their work. These vehicles allow them to easily transport equipment, tools, and materials to any job.

But when your roofing company arrives on the scene, what does a home or business owner see? Hopefully not a set of plain, unrecognizable vehicles. Truck wraps and trailer wraps can go a long way in creating trust with your clients as a roofer.

Roofing companies that invest in truck wraps, van wraps, and trailer wraps will stand out as a professional choice, which can help them continue to garner return business and gain brand new business.

Vehicle Wraps for Electrician Companies

Another service technician that spends a significant amount of time traveling to and from jobs is an electrician. And, often, electricians are called to residences where the person answering the door might not be familiar with the contractor on the other side.

This is where vehicle wraps can help establish trust and add a professional touch. For example, placing a clear brand and phone number on a once plain van can help customers recognize contractors the moment they arrive. Rather than showing up to the next job site in a plain white van, show up with a custom wrapped vehicle that quickly lets customers know that your team has arrived to get the job done.

Vehicle Wraps for Pest Control Companies

When it comes to the home you live in, not many things are worse than finding out that your home has an unwanted infestation of bugs or pests. And for businesses, an infestation can lead to serious trouble, including costly closures.

Pest control teams are there to save the day, eradicating unwanted creatures and protecting homes and businesses from future infestations.

Vehicle wraps are an excellent way for pest control companies to brand their fleet, getting their name out every time they drive down the highways and streets. Pest control businesses often use their vehicle wraps to advertise their brand and add a little comic relief to the situation at hand. With fun designs and unique styling, a vehicle wrap can put clients’ minds at ease while ensuring instant brand recognition.

Vehicle Wraps for Landscaping Companies

Whether mowing lawns or building fountains for a sprawling estate, landscaping teams are constantly driving from location to location to accomplish their work. In most cases, landscaping businesses use a combination of pickup trucks, trailers, and vans to transport equipment and materials.

Vehicle wraps can help landscaping teams stand out from other standard vehicles on the street. This is not only a great marketing tactic but can also contribute to worker safety. When parked along roadsides and streets, drivers will be more likely to notice the colorful design of a custom wrap and will be alerted to the work of the landscaping crew better than passing by a plain vehicle.

Vehicle Wraps for Home Service Businesses

Realistically, almost any home service business can benefit from vehicle wraps for their fleet. Whether you are visiting homes or stopping by businesses to provide a service, a custom wrap will help establish your brand and ensure that customers can recognize your team the moment you arrive on site.

Common examples of additional businesses that benefit from car wraps, truck wraps, van wraps, and trailer wraps include the following:

  • Restaurant Delivery Services
  • Medical Services Companies
  • Schools and Universities
  • Dealership Parts Delivery Companies
  • Laundry Delivery Services
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Mobile Food Companies
  • Food Truck Businesses
  • Generator Installation Companies
  • Fencing Companies

Next Steps for Businesses in Need of Vehicle Wraps

If your business would benefit from a vehicle wrap, getting the process rolling is simple. By following three key steps, you can begin to market your business wherever the job takes you.

1: What type of vehicle will you wrap?

The beauty of a car wrap, truck wrap, van wrap, or trailer wrap is that they can be customized to your specifications. Take into consideration all of the following as you design your wrap:

  • What logo will you use? Ensure that the logo you choose is the same logo you will use for business cards, your website, and employee uniforms.
  • What brand standards do you need to adhere to? Examples of standards to include are your company colors, specific design elements, and fonts. The goal is to make sure that your wrap matches all your other branding.
  • What information do you want to be included? Common examples include your business name, phone number, website, and the services you offer. Additionally, if you have a slogan for your company, you can include that too! The goal is to include enough relevant information for customers to be able to reach you or learn more about your services without cluttering the design.
  • What extra design elements do you want to be added? Creativity is key! Vehicle wraps can be designed to include any fun or unique element you want to help your brand stand out. For example, a pest control company might add a spider web design to their roof or a fly swatter design to their hood. There is no limit to the uniqueness of your design.

2: How many vehicles will you be wrapping?

Whether you opt to wrap your entire fleet or just a few vehicles, decide on the number of cars you plan to have wrapped. You might consider wrapping each vehicle precisely the same, or you might want to wrap different types of vehicles with different designs.

Regardless, knowing the specific makes and models of the work vehicles you plan to wrap can help ensure that the quote you are provided is accurate — the more details, the better.

3: Talk to Our Wrap Design Team

Once you’ve decided that your business can benefit from vehicle wraps, our team is here to help. We specialize in car wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, van wraps, and just about any custom wrap your business might need.

Additionally, we offer assistance with the design of the wrap and premium quality printing options. Not sure how to get started? We are able to assist you from the start of the process to the end. With years of industry expertise, we will be more than happy to help you design the perfect wrap to help your brand stand out.

Available nationwide and in Canada, you are sure to find our car wraps near you. Reach out today to learn more about taking your business to the next level with vehicle wraps for your fleet!

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