The Advertising Power of Your Windows

Store window graphics wrap for retail setting and product advertising.In house advertising can benefit your business in ways you may not imagine possible. As a small business owner, you may think (and hope) that customers are coming into your business, already knowing the ins and outs of what you do, as in the products you sell, each of the services you offer, when there’s a sale running on your website, etc. However, the odds of them knowing your business like you do are slim to none. They may be visiting your store because they mentioned to a friend that they needed, say, a replacement fuse for their car, and their friend told them to go to your auto parts store. However, they may have no idea that you also sell multi-disc CD players and Bose speakers for vehicles, or that you’re currently offering free installation services on your website. For all you know, they’re in the market for a new stereo system in their Jeep and you just missed that sale by not informing them. Short of asking each customer if they’ve seen your online offer as they enter the store, what else could you do?

Inform and advertise via window decals. Utilize that window space in and around your business, and directly on your door to inform your customers of your latest deal, newest product, most popular service, and most overlooked service, etc. If the deal is good and the product or service is commonly needed/desired, you may be pleasantly surprised with the increased sales.

Car dealerships may be one of the most relevant business types for window decal advertisements. Increase the hype for the new incoming flashy vehicle with huge, high definition window decals showing one of those enticing pictures of the car flying down a blurry, winding road with incredible grip and precision.

Window decals aren’t just for car dealerships. If you own a book store and Harry Potter’s book 7 is coming out in a few weeks, by all means, have a window decal created to notify passers by that you’re reserving copies now. The wonderful thing about window decals is that not only, do they inform and advertise to your current customers, but they can also catch the eye of passers by to pull in new business.

If you own a local salon and spa and you’re about to start offering hot stone massages, notify every one of your current customers by placing a window decal on your front door with bright, comforting image of a woman getting a hot stone massage, looking completely relaxed and pampered, with the words “schedule yours today!” written below.

Any business can benefit from window decals, as long as they’re well thought out and kept fresh! If you advertise a new service, yet leave the window decal up for over a year, the service is no longer new and you’re wasting valuable window space where you could be notifying customers of sales and new mineral makeup products. Keeping your window decals fresh and intriguing will continue to benefit your business and your wallet.

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