Do Politics and Car Decals Mix?

Here’s a good question for everyone: Do Politics and Car Decals Mix?

Of course the answer is yes! With election time in a few short months, this has been proven more than ever. Vehicle graphics and car decals can be used by any type of business for any type of advertising, and the possibilities are endless. One benefit to using vehicle wraps is that they can be temporary, and they won’t do damage to your car once you remove them. You can use them for weekend advertising projects or campaigns, or for several years. Car decals are so inexpensive, compared to other advertising methods that short term projects can easily fit within your budget. Many of us might not consider using car decals for political reasons but what better way to attract attention for a candidate, or even to fundraise for a candidate?

Are you running for office? If you are, then you know advertising and reaching out to your voting audience is the most important piece of your campaign. Without advertising and reaching out, you can’t fundraise, and without finances, your campaign can’t go anywhere. Not only that, but your voters need to know your name, your party, your opinions and what you will fight for once in office.

Politicians typically utilize signs and bumper stickers with their names only. Clearly this simple advertising method has been proven to be very effective throughout history, so try designing vehicle graphics with just your name. A full vehicle sized advertisement will make a much bigger impact than a small bumper sticker.

Other obvious things to include on your car decals would be your website, campaign office phone number and email address. Your vehicle wrap will be noticed, wherever you go, so you want to make sure your viewers know how to contact you and how to learn more about your campaign as soon as they look at your vehicle. Pertinent information is necessary, but don’t stop there!

You could also include some of your key opinions and promises. When potential voters visit your website or call your campaign office, they immediately want to know what you believe in, what you want to fight for or against and how you will vote if they help to put you in office. Save them the trouble of calling your office or visiting your website, and list some of that key information right on your car decal.

Another part of a political campaign is socializing with voters and gaining their trust and friendship so they feel confident that you will vote honestly and that you will uphold your promises. Part of building that relationship could involve sharing pieces of your personal life with voters. You could do so by including photos of yourself and your family on your vacation in Disney on your vehicle graphics.

The beauty of utilizing vehicle graphics as an advertising method in your political campaign is that they are far more affordable than most other types of advertising. So much so that you could afford to wrap your own vehicle, as well as everybody else who is involved in your campaign! More attention = More voters!

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