Are You A Member Of Your Target Audience?

Bus WrapDon’t you think that your advertisement should reflect you as a person?

What type of person are you? What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you frequent certain areas or businesses? These are the types of questions YOU should be considering when thinking about your target consumer. As business owners and marketing guru’s, we sometimes think too narrow mindedly and forget to think like a consumer. You could learn a lot about your target audience just by asking yourself questions like “would I be annoyed by that advertisement? Would I toss that mailer right in the trash without thinking twice? Would I read that wall mural if I were in the subway?

There are, of course, many, many ways to market to your target audience, but you always want to be careful that your advertisements aren’t going to be invasive. That’s when you’ll turn your consumers away. If your advertisements are interesting, informative, exciting and eye catching, you’ll see the best results. It’s also important to remember that there are key times and places to reach your target audience.

Picture this: Jack owns a sporting goods shop that sells everything you could ever need for every sport, for kids all the way up to professional adults. Jack’s target audiences are likely to be big sports nuts. Jack’s advertising efforts should be tailored to that. One proven successful method is to use wall murals or wall decals. These murals can be placed in any convenient location, including in cooperating businesses. Sports fans probably frequent sports bars. Find several local sports bars and ask if they’d be willing to sell you a wall for advertising space. Mount a wall mural or wall decal directly in front of patrons as they walk in, or directly behind a TV and you’re bound to draw their attention.

Sports fans also often attend sporting events and we’re all familiar with advertisements inside hockey rinks, baseball fields, etc. The advertising space may be a little pricy, but you’ll be advertising to thousands or hundreds of thousands of sports fans at once. In this situation, since sports fans are used to seeing so many advertisements wrapped all around the rink or field, make sure your wall mural or wall decal stands out from the rest. Make it bright and eye catching, otherwise it could get lost in the mix.

You may not have a local professional sports team close enough to your sporting goods shop for that to be a cost effective advertising method. However, every town has local baseball fields and hockey rinks. While your audience may not even reach a hundred sports fans, they are certainly going to be your local target audience, and advertising space for your wall murals and wall decals will undoubtedly be less expensive.

Wall murals and wall decals have proven to be hugely successful marketing tools, as well as extremely cost effective, so question yourself when you’re deciding on a location.

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