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Truck Wraps

Custom 3M Truck Graphics Will Help Your Brand Within Your Local Market.

Big trucks haul incredible amounts of cargo from your company to other businesses, or your customers.  With custom wraps and graphics, truck advertising can also haul in an incredible amount of impressions.

Consumers need a certain amount of familiarity with your brand to push them to do business with you. Custom truck graphics help build that familiarity by repeatedly reminding your local market about your brand. Studies show that repeated exposure to a brand or company increases the chances of consumers perceiving it to be a well-known, and legitimate brand.

Can Truck Wraps Help My Business Branch Out From my Current Market?

Your trucks go where ever your business needs to be. If you have a delivery to complete outside of your current market, then truck wrap advertising can be a huge help in raising awareness for your brand or company in new areas. Checkout our box truck wraps here.

Get the Most Out of Your Budget.

Vehicles are a necessity to transport your employees or goods. With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, chances are, simply paying for your trucks to be on the road has taken a considerable portion from your total budget. A truck wrapped in vinyl graphics will generate valuable impressions every time it’s out on the road, thus maximizing your return on investment.

What If I Have More Than One Truck?

Depending on the size of your fleet, and the design you have in mind, our company currently offers special pricing on bulk orders. Take a look at our Fleet Graphics section to see previous fleets we’ve branded, and contact us to learn more in regards to pricing.

Truck Wraps


With fuel prices continuing to be a bottom line for any company with commercial vehicles, why not take advantage of the opportunity? Once again, here is an effective model of advertising, while utilizing already spent costs, to further brand your company.

box truck graphics

Truck Graphics and Truck Wraps

Box truck wraps and straight truck graphics are the best way to capitalize on your existing assets.  Let us create design for your food truck wraps or concession trailer. When it comes to branding, there is no better way to market or advertise your company than utilizing these mobile billboards. Many of our clients own and operate businesses which utilize trucks for delivering products and servicing their customers. When you have commercial vehicles with no branding on it, you are missing the biggest branding opportunity in your market. These vehicles have an extremely high retention rate and are more targeted than many business owners are aware. When driving your vehicle there are several factors to keep in mind about the necessity and value of these vehicles.

Box Truck Wrap
Targeted Market

Used in “your” specific market, box and delivery trucks allows your clients to see your brand multiple times within your service area. Studies show that repeated exposure to a brand or company increases the target audience accepting a brand as a legitimate and well know brand.

food truck graphics
Branding That Works

Your potential customers take your branding to heart, compelling them to purchase your products and services. Having a full color wrap on your vehicles will demonstrate to your target market that you are seriously committed to your business. First impressions are commonly the reason why a brand or company is selected.

Food Truck Wraps
Cost Effective Advertising

With an expected life of 5 years, there are no other mediums as targeted, individualized, and prevalent as a custom truck wrap. An average 16′ box truck fully wrapped costs approximately $3000. The amortized monthly cost for this advertising is $50. You just cannot find a more effective advertising tool anywhere.


What types of trucks do we wrap?

We offer design, print, and installations services, NATIONWIDE for all types of truck wraps and graphics including Box Trucks, Straight Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Freight Vans, Box Vans, Cargo Vans, Delivery and Parts Vans, and Step Vans