Bus Wraps and Bus Graphics


Bus Wraps and graphics are an advertising mega mobile billboard! Using bus wraps to advertise in your local market just makes sense. Let us handle the design, printing, and installation of your next tour or transit bus wrap or bus fleet graphics.

Need some inspiration? There are number of ways to take advantage of your bus wrap. Many companies use bus wraps to promote an upcoming event, concert, trade show, or product launch. Let our team of professional designer and installers make your next bus wrap a true success.

We all have seen them. They are big and make a big statement. Whether you were riding on one, or behind one… there was not way of not noticing it. We are talking about bus wraps.Buses are big vehicles, but a wrapped bus is a big advertisement with an engine. There is no other way of putting it, a bus that is not wrapped is a missed advertising opportunity. Bus wraps are trending, and fortunately bus owners, advertisers and marketers know how effective they are.So lets get to business. Wrapping a bus, or a fleet of busses is not easy. Many busses are custom made, or custom altered making it almost impossible to meet two buses that are alike. This calls for specific measuring and precise template building process. Scaling a bus wrap correctly is a key to ensure that all design elements fall into the correct spaces, and believe us, buses have many obstacles on the vehicle body. Vents, rubber edges, complex turns we know them all. If you are looking to get a bus wrap, look no further. We have experience and drive to take any simple bus design to the next level.

Party Bus Wraps

We create party bus wraps in NYC that excite those that see the bus arrive and make more people want to call your party bus and limo company for future services.

Shuttle Bus Wraps

Hotels, senior centers, casinos, and variety of different shuttle buses all depend on bus wraps to advertise their business and show riders who is arriving to pick them up.

Coach Bus Wraps

Coach bus wraps are the most common of the bus wraps group. You will often see coach buses with wraps on them for product launches, political campaigns, or company or school branding.

Political Bus Wraps

Politicians depend on buses to both transfer voters to the appropriate voting locations, as well as travel to meet with constituents. We provide affordable, yet highly effective, political bus wraps that can be designed with your image in mind.
We also create library bus wraps, semi bus wraps, event bus wraps, or any type of bus wrap that you, your company, or your organization needs in order to get its message out there and provide a service for riders.

For those that do not have a designer on staff that can create the wrap designs themselves, our team has graphic designers available with experience specifically in designing and developing vehicle wraps and bus wraps. We are more than happy to help you with your design, or print to design that you have created yourself.

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