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Wrapping your Car with Graphics Provide the Best Outdoor Advertising Exposure

Now considered a mainstream media, vinyl graphics can get your message out. Whether you are wrapping an entire fleet or one car, Ads On Wheels, Inc.® has the capability to fulfill your next wrap project needs. For almost two decades we have been perfecting our craft. We offer a full array of services from design, printing, to installation, nationwide and Canada.

They’re quickly rising to the preferred form of outdoor advertising for small to medium sized businesses. You can use wraps for any type of long-term promotion and get a wider range of coverage than you would with many other forms of advertising. Display your message on your car all day and all night so you get 24-hour exposure. With a professionally designed, printed, and installed wrap, you get outdoor advertising and promotion for your business or organization that will last for years. Not only are car wraps a smart, long-term investment, they generate a lot of impressions at a low cost, allowing you to reach a wide range of potential consumers.

How Does Car Wrapping & Graphics Stack Up to Traditional Advertising?

Car Wrapping Cost vs. Traditional Advertising

Consider your adverting budget when you look into car wraps. Advertising in one area such as the Yellow Pages or a website can cost you thousands of dollars for every time you need to renew your advertising term. Car wraps can last from five to seven years if they are installed professionally and maintained. This means you make an upfront investment that lasts years rather than a few months and you do not have to pay extra to renew for more time with your promotions.

The cost of a car wrap for an average sized vehicle is $2700-$3000. A great number of business owners will keep the wrap on their vehicle for quite some time. Small business owners who lease their vehicles will keep the wrap on the vehicle for the 4 year standard lease time frame. In a typical major metropolitan area, a vehicle garners over 700,000 impressions per month. We find the aggregated cost of your car wrap would yield a cost of only $60.00 per month. We have looked at other forms of advertising including Yellow Pages, direct mail, television, radio, and others. Nothing comes close to this, nothing. We have yet to find an advertising scenario where a business can garner so many targeted impressions for this CPM (Cost per impression).

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Targeted Advertising

Getting your car wrapped has advantages over other types of signage in many ways. Many of our car wrap customers take advantage of their wraps in areas that normally cost huge sums of money such as special sporting events, trade shows, conventions, and grand openings.

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Professional Image and Graphic Design

It is well known that consumers react differently to a vehicle that has advertising on it then one that does not. Picture a home improvement company, or any other business for that matter, showing up to the door of one of their customers: one has a blank van with little or no graphics on it; the other has a full color vehicle graphic displaying the company logo, contact information, and bright, bold images of their products and services. The customer will certainly feel more confident in their choice of company when they see that the business has demonstrated its commitment to their own company and the professional appeal of their service vehicles. This type of outdoor advertising used to be reserved for just the large companies, as they had the resources to brand their vehicles. Today the small and medium size business owner can have that big company look and advertised to their prospect clients, with the use of car wraps and car graphics.

Car Wraps and Graphics are Removable and Can Be Updated

Another element that is very important to take into consideration when it comes to car wraps and graphics; They are removable. Vinyl car wraps are easily removable from the surface of your vehicle without causing damage. Many small business owners lease vehicles for their businesses. Car wraps are a great option for them as they can remove the wrap, prior to returning their vehicles or even selling them. If you ever decide you no longer need the wrap, you have it removed. This also means you can replace a design if you want to update or make any changes to your design. When you plan on using a design that lasts, you can protect it from sun damage and abrasives as well as regular wear and tear. Car wraps can actually protect the paint under them!

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Professional Work Every Time

Give us the opportunity to review your next project. We warranty all of our wraps and have our history of satisfied customers to prove it.

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Why Have Ads On Wheels, Inc.® Produce Your Car Wrap?

We have been designing, printing, and installing car wraps for almost two decades. This IS our niche. Our name says it all. We specialize in quality, installation and graphics. Our pricing ALWAYS includes full design, printing, and installation. We ONLY used the best in the business when it comes to installing your wrap. We have a terrific history with ALL of our clients. 90% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers. We use ONLY the best materials for your wrap. We are huge fans of 3M graphics films. We have found over the years that 3M has maintained their consistency for quality. From decals to full wraps, we have you covered.

Full Design, every time

Our company has THE MOST experienced in-house designers to bring your brand and ideas to life. Our design staff has custom created thousands of car wraps for our clients. From Fortune 100 brands to small business owners, our design staff has the experience to deliver the results that you demand and expect of the leader in this industry.

Highest Quality Car Wrapping Products and Materials

Ads On Wheels, Inc.® ONLY uses the highest quality material for your large format printing projects. Sure there are less expensive options on the market. The reason why we only use the highest grade products is because the life expectancy and quality of your product, is higher than just the lowest bidder. We have found that today’s consumer not only wants a great price…they want a great product. We deliver BOTH.

Car Wrap Printing on the Most Advanced Equipment

It is our job to make sure that we are current with best printing technology on the market. Currently, we use the most advanced HP latex printer on the market; the HP Latex 850 printer. This printer delivers the clearest possible image on the market. With vibrant colors and no banding, it is the best printer we have ever used.

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3M Certified Installers

3M Certified and Professional Graphics Installation, NATIONWIDE

With over 500 qualified installers nationwide and Canada, Ads On Wheels, Inc.® has the ability to provide installation services, no matter where you are located. Installation is one of the most important aspects of any wrapping project. Having a poor installation job will cost you time and money. It will will cost us the same, and a valued customer. We constantly maintain relationships with only the most experienced and successful installers in the business. Unlike other smaller local sign shops, we do A LOT of wraps. It’s all we do. The smaller local sign shops may do a couple projects every month. We do virtually hundreds every year. The skill set for a local sign shop does not really allow for specialization. They often are not as experienced with installations, design, or production of a wrap.

We would love to work with you. Give us the opportunity to review your next car wrap project. We warranty all of our wraps and have our history of satisfied customers to prove it. If you are interested in getting a quote from us for your car wrap, simply fill our our convenient online request form.

We would love to work with you